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Commercial Construction Cleaning

Commercial Builders Cleaning

Construction Site Cleaning Perth

New Focus are the specialists in providing cleaning services throughout Western Australia for commercial construction sites and builders cleaning. We take pride in our high-quality work, allowing you to get back to the job efficiently and safely.

We understand the high pressure that comes with having to transform a construction site into a clean, safe space within a short amount of time. You can trust us to deliver results and give you peace of mind that your property will be left in immaculate condition.

Construction sites can easily become a health hazard - with dust, sand and debris left lying around - and you will require a professional cleaning service. Check out this blog to find out 5 reasons you need to consider a professional construction and builders cleaning service.

New Focus Builders Cleaning Services

At New Focus Commercial Cleaning, we stand behind our reputation for providing superior cleaning services. As a trusted cleaning service provider in Perth, we ensure that we can offer the finest quality work possible for our clients. We enjoy a challenge and look forward to becoming your preferred builders cleaning company in Perth. You can learn more about our team here.

Locally owned and operated, we're proud to be one of the leading construction cleaning companies in Perth. Our strong attention to detail and professional cleaning services will ensure that your property is perfectly clean and ready to go for the next phase of your construction or building project.

Quality equipment and techniques

You can rest assured that we always use the best equipment available and that our operatives are thoroughly trained to handle all requirements and equipment. We follow the best-known techniques and methods of cleaning known in the industry while keeping a close eye on constantly developing new technology and what our competitors offer.

Experienced professional cleaners

Our experienced team is able to tailor our cleaning service to fit your needs. We'll get to know your business and recommend you a cleaning service based on your requirements, schedule, and budget. You can see our full list of cleaning services here.

Flexible construction cleaning

At New Focus Cleaning we believe in providing builders cleaning services to suit your needs. That is why we offer flexible options to fulfil the job specifications. From building renovations and post constructions to commercial tenant fit-outs, we have the team, skill set and equipment to complete the job to the optimum level.

Cleaning Services

Post-renovation clean

An essential part of the construction process, our post-renovation clean will ensure your property is ready for the next phase.

Industrial and warehouse cleaning

Our cleaning professionals specialise in cleaning hard to reach places and working safely with heights and hazardous chemicals.

Strip and seal

We'll strip away the coats of grim, cleaning film and worn sealant of your flooring and reseal the surface - good as new!

Tile and grout

We use industry-leading cleaning products and restoration techniques to extend the life of newly laid tiles and grout or to bring old areas back to life.

Building wash

A clean and spotless building exterior gives the right impression to clients. Our team of professionals will get the outside of your property looking as good as new.

Window cleaning

We're the experts at getting your windows sparkling clean, with our complete window cleaning services.

Safe Construction Sites Are Our Priority

At New Focus Cleaning, we understand the significant risks associated and offer tailored cleaning solutions to support such environments. With our specialised trained team, we have the health and safety sectors covered and you can rest assured that your building site will be left in pristine condition.

Safety is our number one priority at New Focus Cleaning. All our staff are fully trained, accredited and inducted on site.

Did you know professional construction cleaning can make your workplace safer and more productive? Check out our blog here to find out how.   

Professional Cleaning Service At A Very Reasonable Price

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Commercial Construction Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

What does construction site cleaning consist of?

From renovation projects to brand new buildings, professional cleaning is required after any construction work. Commercial construction cleaning is a multi-step process that eliminates any leftover tools and construction materials before cleaning can begin. Once the surfaces, floors, and other areas are clean, a final tidy is done to ensure the small details are taken care of to finish the site clean. 

Why do you need post-construction cleaning?

Building site cleaning is an essential step in the construction process. It provides the finishing touch to a project that prepares the property for new residents or the interior finishings. Construction sites often contain dust, toxic and other risks that require a professional site clean to ensure the health safety of all future residents and visitors

Who is responsible for cleanup after construction?

In most cases, your post-construction clean won’t be done by your contractors once the job is completed as it is done by professional cleaners. Both property managers and contractors have different obligations regarding post-construction cleaning, and we routinely work with both parties to get the building ready for its new residents.