A Breath Of Fresh Air: How Professional Carpet Cleaning Can Make Your Home & Workplace Healthier

A Breath Of Fresh Air: How Professional Carpet Cleaning Can Make Your Home & Workplace Healthier

4/02/2020 1:50:39 PM

Carpets are a staple fixture in homes and offices; they help make a space feel cozy and can even add some decorative appeal. However, they're also the part of our homes that are rarely focused on when it comes to cleaning. 

Compared to other furniture, carpets can be home to dust as well as various insects, mites and mould. This is where a professional carpet cleaning comes in; it can not only keep your carpet looking as good as new, but provides health benefits too. 

Read on to find out how it can keep your space and the people around you happy and healthy.

Gets Rid of Air Pollutants

Because of their texture, carpets are great at trapping air pollutants such as dust, pollen, and other gases. When you walk on the carpet, these particles get agitated and become airborne. If you don't have good ventilation, as is the case in most homes and offices, these tiny particles can build up over time and adversely affect the air quality in your space. 

A professional carpet cleaning service uses specialised equipment that effectively cleans up these particles, helping you and your family or staff breathe better. 

Eliminates Dust Mites and Other Microbes

You might think that vacuuming your carpet on your own is enough, but it actually doesn't eliminate the critters that live in them. 

Carpets can be home to millions of dust mites, as well as mould and bacteria. The fibres provide the perfect breeding ground for these microbes - where they produce waste, spores, and other particles. While most healthy people may not get affected by them, these particles can trigger allergic reactions and cause serious illnesses.

A professional carpet cleaner utilises professional-grade cleaning agents and hot steam to kill insects, dust mites, and bacteria. They'll also perform deep pile cleaning to really get rid of mould and spores which can be embedded deep in the fibres.

Deodorizes and Dehumidifies Your Carpets

By cleaning your carpet of dust, pollutants, and microbes, a professional carpet cleaning session will eliminate odours. It also draws away excess moisture from the fibres to inhibit bacterial growth.

Cleaning your carpet does more than beautify your space - it actually promotes a healthier environment for you and your loved ones or staff. If you haven't hired a professional carpet cleaning service in Perth before, the right time is now! Get in touch to book one today.

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